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High performance products for industrial applications

Mete Enerji Corp. Established in 2001 at Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone, is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical connectors and electromechanical equipment for varied industrial applications. Successfully combining more than 35 years of experience with quality oriented mentality; Mete Enerji staff manufactures products to meet their customers’ top quality expectations.



Automation is the creation of technologies to develop and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention.

Energy Distribution

Energy is the beating heart of all industries; Demand for energy in rapidly growing industries, leads producer companies to establish sustainable and reliable solutions for power transmission and energy storage in facilities.


METECON provides the connection technology for transmitting data and power in railway, marine applications.


Machinery manufacturing industry is supplying other manufacturing and service industries with cost-healing, workforce, time and energy-saving technologies.


Robotic is the fastest developing area in 21th century, it can boost up all field of industries by minimizing the costs and errors and maximizing the product, service efficiency.

2021 Product Overview Catalog


Our Mission

"Our first goal is to provide added value to life of our customers"

Our Vision

"In year 2025: being the number one manufacturer of our sector in Turkey and listed in top five manufacturers in Europe."

Quality Policy

"Fulfill the expectations of our customers and building strong customer loyalty empowered by Premium quality industrial electrical products and service."