Powerful Connections



The inserts are made of self extinguishing thermoplastic resin according to UL 94 -VO, normally used in ambiance temperature range of -40°C ... +120°C. The inserts are available in screw, crimp and spring type. Contacts are made of silver plated brass. All inserts are numbered by laser printing during injection moulding.
Inserts are:
- Suitable for use with alternate or direct current.
- Leading protective ground - Polarized for correct coupling.
- Interchangeable male and female inserts in hoods and housings.
- Captive screws.
- Universal and can be used with all types of hoods and housings.

Hood & Housing

A large variety of Hood and Housings are available for specific industrial applications. The principal parts are made in die-cast aluminium alloy coated with electro-static powder paint. They are resistant to impact and strong mechanical stress. Coupling stability and protection against accidental openings are assured by a single or double locking system comprising, monobloc metal latch made of galvanized steel. Sealing is assured by special gaskets that protect the inserts inside the hood and housings against dust,water and other aggressive agents.
- Innovative design
- Degree of protection IP65 when connected.
- Electrical connection with protective ground.
- High mechanical strength and vibration resistance ensured by locking levers.